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The view of Nike World Headquarters' south campus from the north campus across the lake

A small portion of the campus at Nike World HQ

Just so you know, I’m on to them.

It only took me a decade or so, but I’ve figured it out—the stuff that happens on those “This is SportsCenter” commercials that ESPN airs…well, they aren’t real. Yup, none of those things actually occur. I mean, come on. They expect us to believe that famous athletes share space with the rank and file at a corporate headquarters? Please. Everybody knows that only happens at Nike.

It was an off-day at the Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon, so I headed north, on a pilgrimage to Beaverton. I needed to verify what I’d been suspecting for years—that the Nike Inc. campus in suburban Portland was a luxury sports fantasy camp masquerading as a place of business.
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