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I think The Talking Heads said it best. In fact, they predicted it:  “You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”

This whole thing started so innocently. Honestly, it did.

At some point it became necessary for me and Sports to undergo couples counseling. I had given Sports the absolute best years of my life, and in return…well, let’s just say that Sports had begun to mail it in on the relationship. An intervention was needed.

It began with a basketball game, and the next thing I knew, I was charting a course to attend 100 athletic events involving 50 completely different sports. Everything from “A” (archery) to…“Y” (yachting). Hey, you try finding a sport that starts with the letter “Z”.

Return visitors to this space will recognize what came next:  The “It’s Game Time Somewhere” Tour, which spawned the IGTS blog. And when it was all over, the word “book” had crept into the conversation.  So I wrote one – which, if I may shamelessly shill for a moment, will be available at your favorite virtual or physical bookstore later this year. In sum, my humble little “sports walkabout” took on a life of its own.

Here’s the thing though. Throughout the lifespan of this adventure, the more I wrote, the more that I felt was left unsaid.

Over the course of the past two years, I’ve been blessed to have met some great people. In the bleachers. On airplanes. In hotel lobbies and coffee shops. More often than not, once the subject of exactly what I was up to arose, they wanted to hear more. The subsequent conversations varied in length and in nature, but more often than not, my new friends would say something along the lines of “I never really thought about sports that way.”

So I have adopted a new mission. Of course I’m still in this to entertain folks; we are after all, talking about games here. But now I’m upping the ante – I’m going to educate my readers as well! Or at least try and provide a different perspective. Baby steps.

To add some sort of structure to this particular Walkabout, I’ve decided to parse out my previously random thoughts and write from three different viewpoints. Three personas, if you will. Welcome to My Life As…

A Sports Fan

If this looks suspiciously like a continuation of the IGTS Tour, well…you’ve got a point there. But just because the Tour is over, it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped going to games. It does mean though, that you won’t find me at a prime time, household name event. Let’s just say you won’t see the events I’ll cover on the front page of your local sports section. Or the second page. Or on pretty much any page, for that matter. We’ll be hanging out mostly where ESPN won’t think to look for us.

A Sports Biz Analyst

I’ve been employed in and around the business of play for most of the new millennium. My savings and investment accounts bear the scars to prove it. But prior to Y2K (how’s that for a blast from the past?), I was a businessman in “the real world”. So I look at things a little differently. And I’m ready to tackle issues like “How is it that people like Mel Kiper, Jr. can possibly be considered worth a six figure salary?”

And of course, in memory of the Walkabout that started it all, I’ve kept the “It’s Game Time Somewhere” Tour bus idling and ready to be taken for a spin by friends both old and new. Simply select the tab labeled “IGTS Tour” to climb aboard. A complimentary GPS system has been provided. But please – no texting while driving.

And thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to have you here.